Día 24: ¡Garbanzada!

De la mano de nuestro compañero Alfonso Sena, nos llega este encuentro para una garbanzada. ¿Aún no habéis asistido a ninguna? Echad un vistazo: 


253 Weekly wednesday meeting@ Seville
14:00 Bar Santana @ Calle Pureza 82

(Español mas abajo)

Lets meet @ Bar Santana (Triana)

nice tapas and low cost beer

Every Wednesday we get together. We talk, laugh, sing, dance, drink, practice whatever language you want to! Come meet our Sevilla Local community of couchsurfers. This wednesday we met at Triana for a BIG GARBANZADA MEETING

Lets meet @ Bar Santana @ Triana for the neigbourhood Xmas Eve Party

nice tapas and low cost beer

We go on with a Traditional Garbanzada (chickpeas stew) that Bar Santana Offers for free to the neighborhood.

Last year's edition was great.

we will share some beer, Wines and Tapas while we wait for the Garbanzo beans to be ready
the whole neighborhood joins the party, singing and having fun


see you there...

beer 1€ and tapas starting at 2€